qBittorrent ignores the desktop theme after update

qBittorrent ignores the desktop theme(arc-kde theme) after update - the one happened 2 days ago if I remember correctly.

Sadly I can’t attach picture, because the forum doesn’t allow it…

qbittorrent went and started using qt6 before KDE//your-theme has.
We just have to live with it for now.


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Can you suggest another theme that is constatly maintained? Arc KDE doesn’t have lot of activity in it’s github repo.

Install qt6ct and set the theme from there, as suggested by @Strit:

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It doesn’t work with kvantum manager sadly.

So don’t you have Kvantum under style menu?

I have, but it doesn’t apply the theme set in the kvantum manager.

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Btw I don’t get one thing: Why the Manjaro team decided to go with the Qt6 version of qBittorrent? I see a Qt5 version here, that I can install with yay - tho it needs to be compiled.

It’s so unneccesary, especially becazse even Plasma doesn’t use Qt 6 yet…

Because Arch go with Qt6 and because:

The v4.4.x series will probably be the last one that supports Qt5 and therefore Windows 7 and 8. It will see releases at least until the summer of 2022.

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I wonder how many theme authors will stop their development because of this… I don’t know any theme that currently support Qt6 apps.

You can switch qbittorrent to ktorrent that is the native app for KDE plasma. :man_shrugging:

That’s okey for short-term, but what will happen after Plasma goes Qt6 and themes don’t get updated? Maybe time to switch to Gnome.

It will work if you configure variable:


That’s rich. Complain about theming in Plasma and then stating to go to Gnome for better theme support. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dunno… KDE themes always broke after update.

They never have for me. So can’t relate.

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Once Plasma 6, based on qt6, gets released, all of Plasma’s themes will be compatible with qt6.

Gnome doesn’t have native support for qt6 theming either. Gnome is not even good at displaying native Wayland Qt5 apps, which is why they use Xwayland by default on Gnome.

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Probably none?
I dont see why some program or another deciding to (early?) adopt a newer version of a toolkit would somehow bother the theme developers using said toolkit.
“Oh someones desktop downloader GUI application is using GTK5 … guess I will never make a gtk theme ever again…” seems a bit silly.

Indeed. QGnomePlatform works perfectly with Qt applications :stuck_out_tongue:

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