[Stable Update] 2021-10-08 - Kernels, Mesa, Browsers, Python, UKUI, PHP, Thunderbird, Pipewire

At boot, appears a black screen with the message:
switch_root: directory not empty.

After some seconds, maybe 40s, the message disappears and the login screen shows up.

After update, my USB camera Microsoft HD 3000 is now active all the time (LED is on), even after reboot.

Was it wise to include Apache HTTPD 2.4.49 in this update?
At least in my httpd.conf “require all denied” is commented out (=disabled) which I assume is default for Manjaro so Version 2.4.49 & 2.4.50 (but not 2.4.48) is affected by this remote code execution issue.

[1] CVE-2021-41773 - apache - Arch Linux
[2] Bedingung "require all denied" | Forum - heise online

Only 2.4.49 is affected as stated in the security report you linked. 2.4.50 is available in the Manjaro unstable branch and 2.4.51 is currently in Arch Testing. You’ll most likely see the latter by the time there’s a new Manajaro stable update.

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I wake up to a blank screen from hibernation after this update. Keyboard backlight turns on, but I can’t ping the device, so it’s not connecting to the network at least, not sure if anything else is working. Reboot using REISUB works.

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Following the information the 2nd link provided (or this one), the fix in 2.4.50 was insufficient, so it is still affected. Or may be affected, due it depends on the content of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (require all denied for server-root).

After this update Firefox 93.0 could not open bookmark subfolders inside the main folders and FF crushed, but opened a crush report window. Interesting was to note, that the same FF 93.0 did not have this phenomena in my Ubuntu 20.04, Win10 or Android (FF 93.1.0), i.e. no problems with opening of bookmark subfolders. I reported about all this to FF in detail. My interim solution was to download flatpak FF 93.0.

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Apparently that’s why 2.4.51 popped out so fast. It’s now available via the Manjaro unstable branch.


I also have a MS HD-3000, and usually leave it disconnected until I need it.

Seeing your issue, I plugged mine in, and found it behaving normally. The light lit while it was being sensed/negotiated, and then turned off until I launched Jami (conf call client) and went into its config which lit the camera and showed me a video preview. Once I existed the config/Jami, the light went out.

Makes me wonder if you might have a startup launching app that is triggering the camera.

In case it denotes a useful difference, I’ve been on the 5.13.x kernels ever since they were available, and just swapped to the 5.14.10 Kernel with this update.

Hi there. Nice work to all the devs :smiley:. Keep it up!

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Sound card not recognized and no sound with Baytrail rt5640 (bytcr-rt5640) with SOF.
SOF-firmware version 1.8-1 (stable branch). Is the 1.9-1 version solve the issue with Baytrail hardware ?

Mutter 40.5 version (Manjaro) doesn’t resolve regression with auto screen rotation with wayland. Need to use Mutter-git to solve the problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

See it and it.

Can Manjaro Team make a new update version of Mutter with the fix available in the links ?


Manjaro changes my firefox “homepage and new windows”. This has happened to me twice and is very annoying

Using openbox with KDE fails to launch plasmashell

Hi guys,

I had this configuration working on Manjaro for years.

Then after the last update I get:

> kquitapp5 plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell   

"Application plasmashell could not be found using service org.kde.plasmashell and path /MainApplication."

plasmashell --replace & 

 ~> kf.plasma.quick: Applet preload policy set to 1                                                            trying to show an empty dialog 
file:///usr/share/plasma/shells/org.kde.plasma.desktop/contents/views/Desktop.qml:146:19: QML Loader: Binding loop detected for proper ty "height" 
file:///usr/share/plasma/shells/org.kde.plasma.desktop/contents/views/Desktop.qml:146:19: QML Loader: Binding loop detected for proper ty "height" Failed to determine whether virtual desktop navigation wrapping is enabled:  
"The name org.kde.KWin was not provided by any .service files" Plasma Shell startup completed

Any idea what could be wrong?

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