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I did it the lazy way. I installed downgrade package from the repos which is meant for downgrading packages but it also let me upgrade as well

I’m using pamac and I don’t know how to do what you said, but I updated the glib package thought another method:

sudo pacman -U http://ftp.riken.jp/Linux/manjaro/unstable/core/x86_64/glib2-2.66.7-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

where the url is some mirror to the unstable package.

I hope this won’t break anything and the package gets updated automatically on futures manjaro updates…

Edit: the update to glib2-2.66.7-1 worked too :slight_smile: Thanks!

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You can install the downgrade package through pamac, its in the official repos. You can then run in through cli to downgrade (and upgrade) any package that’s in the repos. Glad you managed to get it fixed :+1::+1:

Yes. Nothing has changed on our end, so there’s nothing to do.

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Weird, I have those set as “true” but I never see anything. Maybe my other configs/extensions are sabotaging it? Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger and Decentraleyes btw.

Same here. And I think it’s Privacy Badger because that’s the only extension you mentioned that we have in common…

Thanks for your answers @Cheker and @Mirdarthos ! It seems not to be linked with these extensions since I have too Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes. In addition, I have Httpseverywhere.

I am not alone to have this problem with Firefox. On this social media, you can read e.g. this post, that other one, and this message, and that one, and this polite reaction.
Finally, the solution is maybe given by a certain Paul:

In order to disable this, I have to Enable Top Sites, and then disable Sponsored Top Sites, and then I can re-disable Top Sites.
Ridiculous, it’s either a bug, or a deliberate dark pattern.

I have indeed this Top Sites functionality disabled too and that is maybe the common denominator for all the people having this issue.

Thank you! :+1:
Can you make that into a #contributions:tutorials ?

Please read the pinned “Tutorial Content Creation Guide” first! :+1:

cc @Rick

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After update nautilus sometimes freezes, consumes 100% CPU. The only way is to kill it.

Anybody has the same issue?

Do you have megasync or Dropbox nautilus plugins installed?

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Thanks @Fabby! Here you can find my tutorial. I hope that it can help!

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yap, have nautilus-dropbox 2020.03.04-4

You can either uninstall the nautilus Dropbox plugin and wait for the glib2 update to make its way from unstable to stable or update glib2 to 2.66.7-1 from the unstable branch (you can also downgrade glib2). I used the downgrade package to update to 2.66.7-1

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Thanks a lot! :+1:

Everything fine.

All’s well in KDE land.

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I had some display issues with the stable 5.10 kernel which caused some minimal distortion on the screen. But everything is back in order since have moved on kernel 5.4 LTS

Do you use plasma? I have unbearable random flickering after couple of hours uptime. 5.4. seems to work for now.

Yes i use KDE plasma