[Stable Update] 2020-12-30 - Kernels, KDE, Cinnamon, LibreOffice, Python 3.9, Mesa 20.3.1

Merge those files as root user…

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You can use pacdiff to go through all the changes you may have (in regards to new configs)

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After Updating, I lost the use of my touchpad (on a Thinkpad), any ideas?

(In the settings, it states that no touchpad is detected)

It’s come back after another restart. :+1:

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update and 1st reboot was okay, after switching to kernel 5.10 screen remains black. no error message or else displayed.

I assume it it in relation to the nvidia drivers.

What do I do now to fix the system?

Got linux510-nvidia installed? If not, install it. I still don’t get why people use those proprietary drivers …

Well, because recent Nvidia cards are UNUSABLE with the free driver (black screens and freezes) as well as performance is way off, not letting us play any game. So we have no choice but use these proprietary drivers.


nope, checked in pacman gui and no further update was displayed.

so what shall I do now, screen is blank.
Is there some kind of fall back system, like 3 unsuccessful reboots -> revert back to other kernel or else?

lightdm faild to start after reboot, restart service start it, but every reboot failed

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You may execute sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 to make sure all parts of Nvidia drivers got installed.

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Update on three computers went fine:
1 * KDE and 2 * XFCE.
Kernel 5.4, 4.19, 4.14.


I use lightdm with XFCE 4.16 without any issues. Which UI do you use?

I did, already on testing some time ago. Running driver 455 on kernel 5.10 here, everything is fine.
However as I remember I think I had to reinstall some packages after the update, like nvidia-utils, the kernel module (linux510-nvidia) and lib32-nvidia-utils.
But I’m not sure anymore which packages exactly.

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XFCE 4.14 all stock, like manjaro ship it :slight_smile: don’t changed anything
@philm which packages should I need to downgrade?

I have a small problem:

nvidia-utils and nvidia-455xx-utils are in conflict and I can´t install the nvidia driver.

There is some troubleshoot in the Arch Wiki, however I had never any issues with XFCE and lightdm during the last 6 weeks. Try via systemctl to figure out what errors it might have. Try an older kernel. There can be many reasons, especially with AMD graphic cards and all the changes going on at amdgpu driver lately.

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Figure out which package is still demanding nvidia-455xx-utils and remove it before. Also linux57 and linux58 are dropped by now.

Update gone smooth, but before I needed to remove Catfish because it was in conflict with
Zeitgeist (Service logging user activities and events).

Here is the output of pacman -R nvidia-455xx-utils:

:: Entfernen von nvidia-455xx-utils verletzt Abhängigkeit 'nvidia-utils', benötigt von lib32-nvidia-utils
:: Entfernen von nvidia-455xx-utils verletzt Abhängigkeit 'nvidia-455xx-utils=455.45.01', benötigt von linux419-nvidia-455xx
:: Entfernen von nvidia-455xx-utils verletzt Abhängigkeit 'nvidia-455xx-utils=455.45.01', benötigt von linux54-nvidia-455xx
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Update went smoothly, and everything seems to work fine (I switched to noveau btw).

But before the xserver starts, there’s a warning prompt:

The root device is not configured to be mounted
read-write! It may be fsck’d again later!

But it seems, this warning doesn’t make any trouble afterwards, as everything works as it should.
Can I ignore it or if not, what to do?