"Stable Staging" not documented in the wiki "Switching Branches"?

Since I’d like to try Plasma 5.23, which is not available in stable, I had a look here Manjaro - Branch Compare and found that it’s still in testing or unstable, but I also saw that that’s also in the “staging”. It’s the first time I’m switching a branch in Manjaro and had a look here Switching Branches - Manjaro but “staging” is not mentioned at all (actually the name of the branch is “stable-staging”).
I was wondering why it’s not mentioned…

Because its the same process while the branch itself is arguably less stable than the testing or unstable branches and should only be used by someone doing active development or testing.

Its not documented for the masses because it does not need to be. :slight_smile:


Don’t you mean more stable?

No, I do not.


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I was under the impression, caused by the -staging suffix, it’s after both testing as well as unstable and just before stable, making it more stable than unstable or testing, but maybe not as stable as, well, as stable.

But, now I’ve got that cleared up as well.

This is ho I understood it as well…

This is true.

This is not true.

There a number of reasons … but suffice to say that it has to do with the nature and use of stable-staging. It is specifically used/abused, with packages being reverted, big globs of updates, etc … in order to test against doing a full Stable push. While helpful for development, and to polish the quality of the real Stable branch users … this will likely result in a less stable experience than simply being ‘up’ a level on one of the ‘regular’ branches.

Stable Staging is a developers branch of Manjaro Linux.

Only use this branch, if you want to help out to do last tests before the package set is moved to our Stable branch.


AH yes, thank you. It makes much more sense now. bows deeply

Thank you all so much for the answers! I really thought “stable-staging” was much more reliable than “testing” but now I understand! I guess I’ll switch to “testing” for the time being in order to use KDE 5.23.