Stable-7-10 update - all good, but a question

Hello team -
running Plasma 5.27.6 on kernel 6.1.37-1.

Just a quick question about the Stable-7-10-update: I ran it in the pamac cli and AFAIK everything completed without issue. Part of the update was a very long compile/rebuild, and from what I can tell, I think it was a rebuild of pamac. Is that right?

Hi @Reid,

Depending on the command you used, so if you upgraded AUR packages with the repository packages, it can take some time, yes.

If everything is working as it should, then I don’t think there’s need to be concerned.

Thx for the reply

I’m a pretty basic user. Command was: pamac update :-> Have only a few AUR packages. No worries.


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