SSH on wifi hotspot on RPi4

I’m connecting both my laptop & raspberry pi 4 to the same mobile hotspot.

I’ve tried finding the pi IP on the network but don’t see it… how can I access ssh over wifi?

You need some way to check what IP the Raspberry Pi has.

So either via the routers interface, a network scanner app or by running ip addr on your Raspberry Pi device directly.

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I don’t have access to the pi terminal, so I’m trying to use the mobile hotspot to connect to it.

How did you connect the Pi to the hotspot? :stuck_out_tongue:

its setup to autoconnect to my phone’s wifi on connman, so I can just boot and it’ll connect

Can’t you see in your phones hotspot settings what IP it got then?

Phone doesn’t show it. I’ve used network scanning apps and tried all available IPs but all give me port 22: Connection refused

I assume the raspberry pi has completed the OEM setup.

So you should connect by using <username on pi>@<ip address>.

yes I’m using the same user as I did on ethernet cable (which worked) but I still get same port 22 message

You have the wrong IP address then.

So then the Pi isn’t showing up on the network even though its connected.
I just downloaded Ning on Android, connected the Pi and tried ssh into the latest device to be found but still get port 22: Connection refused

How do you know it, if the device is not showing up on the network?

Pi is connected to the network and I can access the server that runs on it.
I can see when a new device is added to hotpot, so I used the latest IP on the list.
Still getting connection refused

Did you disable SSH on the Pi at some point?

No, no changes at all

Did you use a normal user or root?

Do you use a key or a password?

Use the user you set up. After the setup is done you will get connection refused trying to log in as root.

thats what I’m doing

Just out of curiosity, did you set up a firewall? Since you obviously needed to install and configure some software to run some kind of server on the Pi.

just to be sure: to enable ssh on my pi I have to add a blank file named ssh in boot directory?