SSD not detected when booting in live environment

To preface this, I’ve been an AMD person for all my life until now - which is why I’m not at all too familiar with the installation process on an Intel+Nvidia system, which is what I’m trying to do right now.

So, I’ve shrinked my windows partition and have 350ish GB of unallocated space on which I wanted to install Manjaro (I did install Manjaro before, quite recently, but on an all-AMD system).

What I’ve done -
Disabled fast boot (on windows and in the UEFI)
Disabled secure boot
Checked to see if Intel RST was enabled - it says that the only storage drive I have (a 1TB SSD) is non-RAID - well that’s great news, I won’t have to bother with RST at all, especially because there seems to be no options for enabling or disabling anything RST related in the UEFI.
Changed boot order to boot from the Manjaro live USB.

And it doesn’t detect the SSD. At all. I can’t figure it out and it seems that the only posts about SSD’s not being detected are for RAID SSD’s - while mine is non-RAID.
There are also some other Intel-related settings with which I am absolutely unfamiliar with - the posts I’ve found about installing Linux only mention disabling Intel RST, and I don’t want to change UEFI settings that I know nothing about.

I’d appreciate any help - whether explanations or just links. Thanks in advance.

Welcome at the forum, @asteelcup

It should be set to AHCI.and not to IDE. Intel RST could be an issue if active.

Apparently the settings for toggling RST were not in the “Intel RST” box but someplace else. I did look again and Intel RST is actually on.

Well, I’ll figure out how to turn it off without bricking my Windows installation. Thanks for making me look again - I’m an absolute novice when it comes to Intel-anything

Well that was the issue all along. It seems to work now, thanks.

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