SSD Harddrive with Manjaro (i3)

I'm just before installing the Community Edition of Manjaro with the WM i3. Recently I've found this wiki Article here ( Elsewhere, I've seen that with SSD support many things had changed in Linux. So currently I'm wondering whether the Manjaro (i3) installer detects whether the Hard Drive is a HHD or a SSD and takes this in account when installing (generating the fstab for example) or whether changes to improve performance and durability of the SSD had to be made manually after installation. (I'm not pretty much into this topic and don't know what is already made automatically by the Kernel)

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Yes it automatically detects an SSD and installs accordingly. Sometimes the discard option is mistakenly used in fstab. The option is easily removed and then you can enable the fstrim.timer.


I've read of the discard option in the fstab. But why disable it as fas as I've read it this enables, that the kernel is notified about free blocks (online TRIM).
What does the service fstrim.timer do?


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Ok sorry. That article answers the question perfectly :ok_hand:.
I'm switching from Linux Mint to Manjaro so my knowledge is pretty much influenced by the (german) ubuntuusers wiki. I merely skimmed through the arch wiki when I wasn't in particular searching for TRIM.

Sorry to have bothered you, was my fault.

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Hey! :slightly_smiling_face:
Too late for the party, but still...

Maybe it will be more direct & quick answers, than spending days reading Arch wiki and many other sources :upside_down_face:



Oh looks nice to look some things up. It will help (actually until now I was busy to configure my System and now I'm on the Graphic Card, but this is another thread. So I've done not much in configuring the SSD settings so far)

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