Spyder freezes at 100% cpu

Hi, i’m new to manjaro (i have some years of experience in ubuntu, etc) an ran into a problem: spyder does start with the usual look, but is completely unresponsive. It uses 100% cpu on one core. I installed spyder with:

sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -Syu spyder
sudo pacman -Syu python-appdirs

python-appdirs was necessary because of a missing dependency. After starting i only get one warning:

$ spyder
fromIccProfile: failed minimal tag size sanity

i read a lot in this forum, but found nothing, which seems similar. Thank you for this great OS!

I agree with your findings.

The “fromIccProfile” message is just informational.

The Brief

When installed via pacman spyder consumes 100% of a cpu and is unresponsive. spyder is 5.4.1.

I uninstalled via pacman and reinstalled via pip and spyder worked. spyder is 5.4.2.


I know of spyder, but don’t use it. I brought up a current XFCE VM and installed spyder 5.4.1 via pacman.When I ran spyder from the command line, it failed because it requires python-appdirs, which I see you installed :slight_smile: Probably should be a package dependency :question:

I started spyder from the command line again, and observed:

  • used 100% of a cpu (htop)
  • window moves, but menu and all other controls unresponsive
  • when closed via the window title bar close button, a dialog box is displayed with the message, “This window might be busy and is not responding”.

I reviewed the following:

There is a 5.4.2 release, dated Jan 18. I thought I’d try it and see how things went. Perhaps should be marked outdated at arch :question:


To install a package, the command is: pacman -S spyder as root. Note: if you ever use pamac, the install is executed using your normal user id because it is handled via pamac, specifically policy-kit.

The package metadata is stored in the local repositories (/var/lib/pacman/sync/). If the package is not in cache (/var/cache/pacman/pkg/) , pacman will download from a mirror to cache and install. The option "-y" will update the local repositories if it is out of date, a double "-yy" will always update the local repositories. The "-u" will update your system.

To make sure your mirrors are okay, use pacman-mirrors. The state of mirrors can also be viewed at https://repo.manjaro.org/.

pacman-mirrors  # status
pacman-mirrors --list # list country codes
pacman-mirrors -c COUNTRY  # creates a custom mirror list (/var/lib/pacman-mirrors/custom-mirrors.json).
pacman-mirrors -f  # orders custom mirror list or if none, default pool (which is all) into /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.

Always scan the Stable Update Announcements before doing an update — at least the first 2 entries. You can follow it via RSS or this forum > Profile > Preferences > >Notifications > Categories. If you use the later, a number will appear over your Profile Image when there is something new.

Install from pip (proof of concept)

I followed a combination of

sudo pacman -S python-pip
# ▼▼▼ as regular user ▼▼▼
mkdir -p src/Projects 
cd src/Projects
python -m venv mySpyder
find -newermt '1 minute ago'
source mySpyder/bin/activate
pip install spyder numpy scipy pandas matplotlib sympy cython

Please see my update below. A pacman install can be successful. It is a theming problem with kvantum and QT styles. Who knew :person_shrugging:


thank you very much for your answer. Installation of spyder via pip was my usual procedure on Ubuntu, i was discouraged by this https://forum.manjaro.org/t/root-tip-how-to-avoid-common-pitfalls-as-developer/82791 forum post to do the same here.

is is working now. i have a lot to learn.

Note that sudo pip install pkg is discouraged in the linked topic.

The use of virtual environments is encouraged in the topic and there is several ways of achieving this.

There is no issue using pip install pkg In a virtual environment as this is a confined local environment designed to avoid cluttering your system.

There is no issues using pip install --user pkg if you need a specific package available globally for your user.

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Yeah; Just don’t use sudo pip.

There is something else going on. I’m not sure why you need to install spyder with pip at all. That seems like a bug. Perhaps it is something in the python environment that we are missing. I was hoping someone with more python knowledge would chime in. I haven’t given up yet — getting spyder to work from a pacman install.

This is an interesting thread at archlinux bbs. Although the last comment says, “straightforward installation of spyder.” HHHHmmmm… wonder what “straightforward” means?

Well, I got it to work. It has to do with kvantum and QT styles.

cat ~/.profile  # View QT environmental variables.

# Create alias

cd ~
nano .bashrc

# Either logoff/on or source it

source .bashrc
. .bashrc

# Doc

help  source .
man bash


PS: If you see references to an AUR installation, be VERY careful. AUR is not officially supported and should really be a last, last, last resort. Fix the original problem in the pacman software, be patient, look for alternative sofware that resides in the supported repositories before using the AUR.

We’ve all learn’n something hopefully everyday. Such is life. Have fun while doing it :slight_smile:

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If you have a intel cpu, you can install thermald and enable it to prevent freezing when cpu hits 100% usage. "Thermal Daemon “proactively tries to limit the temperature so BIOS doesn’t take a drastic action to cool the system,” " See more:

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