Spyder crashes when clicking on Open or Save file

Since the last spyder 4.1.5-2 update I can’t use the Open or Save File dialog (which would open a new qt-window with the file browser). Even when I start spyder with debug-info verbose I don’t get more information than:

segmentation fault (core dumped)

There are several similar issues on GitHub, but they are old and did not help me solving this. I have two newly setup Manjaro Gnome machines, everything up-to-date and the same issue. But on an very old Manjaro Gnome installation on an old 2009 Macbook Pro this error doesn’t occur. But still this didn’t lead me in any direction to solve this problem. I tried copying the configs or user settings to the new machines: still.

Seems the Version in Manjaro is not the current one:

The Package in Manjaro comes from Archlinux. So nothing to do about it here. Maybe try installing it with Anaconda, as recommend on the website?

Thanks for your answer. The version is not the point. Anaconda is also not the point. I already knew that using anaconda is solving this issue, but since its an official manjaro package basic functionality should work as expected.

That’s not really true. It is an official ArchLinux Package that work also at Manjaro and comes without changes. So if anaconda is working, then the package dependency’s are wrong.

It is already flagged as outdated:

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