Spotify will not follow assign to window

I am trying to get spotify to move to a workspace as soon as it opens but I can’t seem to get to go. I have the following in my sway config:

assign [class=“Spotify”] workspace $ws5


swaymsg -t get_tree | grep class


“class”: “Spotify”,

If anyone has any ideas it would be of great help as it is bugging me.

change class to app_id

I tried that but spoitfy doesn’t give a app_id

swaymsg -t get_tree | grep app_id
“app_id”: “firefox”,
“app_id”: “evolution”,
“app_id”: null,
“app_id”: “gnome-terminal-server”,

how about class & name

nothing… I have 5 other assigns that work. Some with app_id and some with class it is just Spotify that will not move.

for_window [class="Spotify"] move container to workspace $ws5

this is suppose to work, from spotify site.

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That did it thank you.

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