Spotify-launcher missing key

Hi all I’ve have had no issues with spotify till today. A key is missing but Im not finding how to put it right, thank you John.

spotify-launcher                                                                             1 ✘ 
[2023-01-23T13:27:57Z INFO  spotify_launcher::config] Loading configuration file at "/etc/spotify-launcher.conf"
[2023-01-23T13:27:57Z INFO  spotify_launcher::apt] Downloading release file...
[2023-01-23T13:27:57Z INFO  spotify_launcher::apt] Downloading signature...
[2023-01-23T13:27:57Z INFO  spotify_launcher::apt] Verifying pgp signature...
Missing key E27409F51D1B66337F2D2F417A3A762FAFD4A51F, which is needed to verify signature.
Error: Verification of pgp signature didn't succeed

See this issue:

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Just do what it says in the pinned comments to import the key or wait for the maintainer to fix it. I imported the key and it built fine

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Thank you I just used the code and will wait for it getting fixed.

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