Spline issues on AUR

Hi gang,
I tried to install Spline from the AUR and got an error, upon investigation, I found this (unformatted) XML staring back:

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

There is no maintainer (as per page on the Arch site ) for this package and it seems to be a commercial product (by now). Last time someone “did” something was several years ago…
Should it me removed from the AUR listing?
Just musing here :wink:
:rose: Melissa :rose:

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Not sure why you mention it here since Manjaro has no control over AUR, I believe the answer to your question can be found here: AUR submission guidelines - ArchWiki

It was more an observation. I had no clue that we have no control what is in “our” AUR…thanks for pointing that out…

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