Splash Screen (=login animation) is causing a Global theme to be generated

I just installed some good looking splash screens that all seem to work at login.
However when I later browsed back to Global Themes, I saw they created new such ones which I think is a bug.

My assumption here is that these images come as part of a Global Theme bundle and aren’t (usually) supplied on their own. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Splash themes are located in Global Themes (‘look-and-feel’).

I must assume if you download a ‘splash only’ that it would still nonetheless need to be ‘in’ a global theme. At least as far as the directory structure.


Yes, not all have created those folders, resp., entries.
Still, I consider it a bug.

If you used discover or similar then the location would be

I used the SS Get New… dialogue. I might try again and move the folders somewhere.

Also to your HOME.

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Plasma themes and plugins | Developer has more info on locations.

@BG405 and @cscs are correct. They’re global themes that only contain the splash screen component.

It probably would be more intuitive if such themes weren’t shown in the global themes panel, but that’s something you should take up with KDE developers - https://discuss.kde.org


May be old global themes whose only part, the splash screen has been moved over to 6.