Spins by Kilz Themes

Spins by Kilz has been producing Manjaro spins since 18.1.2. Each spin has had a unique theme consisting of Wallpaper, Kvantum, Gtk and for the most part greeter and grub themes.
The themes are usable on most desktops except KDE, its theming is quite different.
The themes are available in the signed SbK repository that can be added to any Manjaro/Arch system.

Click here to check out the full themes and which packages are needed to use any of the 51 themes.

You can also manually install Kvantum and matching Gtk themes if you prefer.

As always comments, suggestions, requests are always welcome, just post below.



Five new full, Gtk, and Kvantum themes from the 21.2.1 series have been added. Links in the first post.

There are now a total of 87 Full themes. While the themes and the packages they use are named for a specific desktop, they are pretty much interchangeable. The only desktop that I know they will not work on is KDE, its theming is quite different.
There is also a growing collection of Firefox and LibAdawita themes.

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