Spell Check in Gedit / Gnome Text Editor

I’ve asked this before, but perhaps not here. It’s a stubborn issue that I still can’t solve over the past 2 years.

How can I get spell checking for my preferred language to work in Gedit (or Gnome Text edit)?

Both apps have a menu option that allows you to select a spell checking language, the default is US English & there are no other options. There is no method provided to add another lang/dictionary.
Gnome region/lang is UK English.

I would like to have UK English as my spell-check preference in these apps.

gedit uses gspell and gnome-text-editor uses enchant.

See the optional dependencies for enchant:

Optional Deps   : aspell: for aspell based spell checking support
                  hunspell: for hunspell based spell checking support
                  libvoikko: for libvoikko based spell checking support
                  hspell: for hspell based spell checking support
                  nuspell: for nuspell based spell checking support

aspell and hunspell have multiple language packs available.

Boom! :beers: Cheers. I installed aspell-en via pamac & it added English UK, AU, CA to both Gedit & GnomeTextEdit.

I should have tried this sooner, but the aspell package description doesn’t give any hints to the regional inclusions.

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