Speeding up The Witcher Menu loading times?

I’m playing the Witcher and while the Game otherwise plays with no issues, it is just the Menus loading times are really slow. Yes it is a Windows game but it works using Proton Experimental.

I did take a brief break by playing Duke Nukem Forever, but now I’m back to the Witcher, and I’m cussing up a storm on slow slow the Menus are.

Anyone have any Ideals to speed this up?

Check ProtonDB and try some of the tips other users have tried.

The game runs fine. Just disable the Second Display if you have one. Don’t press Shift+TAB while loading or the Game will hang.

It is just the Save/Loading Menus are really slow.

I gotten this game to work better by using Proton Experimental and pressing F5 and F9 for saving/loading while in the Game. Works lots better.

Turns out that if you have too many Quick Saves, the game takes longer to load. So delete the oldest ones.