Spectacle window invisible/not loading GUI

About 2 weeks ago, spectacle stopped running. When opening it via keyboard shortcut or through the menu, nothing happens. Running it through terminal with spectacle -g disables user input as if it’s now running but there are no visible windows on the screen. I checked all the desktops as well as all the different activities, but it’s nowhere to be found. I have to CTRL+C to regain input in the terminal.

Where is the Spectacle window, could it be off my screen? How could I find it and move it back? (note however that it doesn’t pop up when scrolling through “recent windows” so I doubt it’s actually running in gui).

It cannot have stopped working all of a sudden just by itself without that you changed anything to your system. And I’m afraid that without telling us what you did, we cannot help you — the old crystal ball is in for maintenance at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I update my system every week so it was after one of those updates. I haven’t made any major changes in my system. But that’s why I’m here to see if others had a similar issue and how they fixed it.

There haven’t been any updates to Plasma components within the Stable branch in a while now, and only a few other things have been updated that don’t have anything to do with Plasma — things like chromium, pamac, inxi, et al.

Are you using any -git packages, perhaps? :thinking:

I was initially reluctant to do a complete uninstall/reinstall since kde-graphics-meta was a dependent and was blocking its removal. I forcibly removed Spectacle via pacman -Rdd spectacle ignoring this dependency warning. After explicitly reinstalling It, opening it via all methods including keyboard shortcut is working now. Hopefully this doesn’t break anything when kde-graphics-meta is updated.

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