Speakers not working

I just bought a new LG gram laptop 14 inch. I usb booted manjaro kde, everything seems to work fine except the speakers and fingerprint sensors. Fingerprint sensors I am not expecting to work, but can anyone help me with the speakers.

When I used Manjaro using VMware in windows, the speakers work.
If I install manjaro natively will the speakers work.

You may need to provide information to show how your audio is set up.
Have you checked to make sure the speakers aren’t muted?

I could be wrong about this: VMs are virtual machines, so they may not necessarily prove that any guest OS works with the hosts hardware directly.

I don’t use KDE, so I don’t know what the GUI is like for audio control.
Run alsamixer in a terminal (not on the VM), press F6 to select your sound card.
You should see something like this.

MM means muted, so no audio. If it is MM:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the selected channel to the muted channel.
  • Press M
  • Now use the up arrow key to increase the volume or press a number key.

I tried using KDE Neon and Kubuntu and the speakers work well.
In manjaro the speakers are not identified I guess.
This is what alsamixer gave

It also says dummy output in sound settings!

press F6 to select your sound card

As I mentioned the speakers/sound card is not identified.
Its says no sound card on pressing F6.