SpaceNavigator: spnav.sock: Permission denied

So I followed the instructions on arch wiki for 3D Mouse(sorry, can’t include links yet)

And after going through the instructions under the Open Source Drivers heading I got the navigator to light up and this output:

 \> spacenavd -v -d
Spacenav daemon 5ddf890
reading config file: /etc/spnavrc
Device detection, parsing /proc/bus/input/devices
found usb device [46d:c626]: "3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator" (/dev/input/event4) 
adding device (id: 0).
device name: 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator
  Number of axes: 6 (6a 0r)
  Number of buttons: 2
  Axis 0 value range: -500 - 500 (fuzz: 0)
  Axis 1 value range: -500 - 500 (fuzz: 0)
  Axis 2 value range: -500 - 500 (fuzz: 0)
  Axis 3 value range: -500 - 500 (fuzz: 0)
  Axis 4 value range: -500 - 500 (fuzz: 0)
  Axis 5 value range: -500 - 500 (fuzz: 0)
using device: 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator (/dev/input/event4)
  device flags: swap y-z invert y-z
failed to bind unix socket: /var/run/spnav.sock: Permission denied
trying to open X11 display ":1"
Using XTEST to send key events
unhandled event: 17
adding dev event for device: /dev/input/event4

But in blender it still doesn’t work. I’ll try some other builds of blender to see if it’s just the beta build that doesn’t come with spacenav support built in, but I figured it’s worth asking if that permissions issue there is just X11 related or if it’s the thing stopping the navigator from working.

Apparently blender wasn’t supporting NDOF devices/spacenavigators on wayland yet:


  • Add NDOF/3D Mouse support (commit ) (Campbell Barton)

So that answers it I guess.

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