Space on Manjaro is being taken up for no reason


Have you ever cleaned your package cache ? Every package you install and update gets stored on your machine until you eventually get out of disk space, so you can solve this by running:

sudo paccache -rvk2

It will delete every package in your cache, and keep the 2 most recent versions of each of them. Also you’ll need to install pacman-contrib to run this command. More details here

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Thanks. I tried this trick and it worked. I restored space on my hard disk of my laptop by close to 2GB. Is this a periodic function? If I need help in the future regarding this subject I will let you all know.

There should be a service running for cleaning pamac…
Try systemctl status pamac-cleancache.timer

I also use paru, and have yay installed… so I have an alias for my terminal - I simply type ‘clean’ which also rotates my journal.

alias clean='pamac clean --build-files && paccache -rvuk0 && paru --clean && sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1day && sudo journalctl --flush --rotate'

What does this function actually do in reviewing space on the hard disk of my laptop?

It helps you to clean up after doing some work in the terminal by typing ‘clean’.