Sox not working with no monitor

Hi guys
I’m trying using crontab to start, at a specific time and date, an audio file using sox.

I’m using an Odroid-C2 with manjaro-arm LXQT (the fact that I am on an ARM board is not relevant here), with ssh, so no monitor.

Crontab works great, It creates folders or text files headlessly or in ssh, and it also plays the audio file I want while in ssh. The problem is that sox doesn’t work when I am not connected via ssh to the Odroid. I’ve tried almost everything to make it work.

My crontab file:


0 7 * * * /home/odroid/cron/

play /home/odroid/Audio01.mp3

Again, the command works flawlessly when executing it manually in the terminal, and it’s the same with crontab while in ssh. So the only thing I suspect is that having no monitors or ttys active, stops sox from working. Any ideas?