Sound only coming from left earphone?

So I recently switched to Manjaro from Windows but one of the first things I noticed is that sound is only coming from my left ear cup? I have browsed through numerous forum posts and could not find a fix for this. My audio levels are all balanced in PulseAudio and AlsaMIxer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am using an external sound card: Sound Blaster X3 by Creative
Edit: Sound comes to both earcups with the device unplugged and the headphones plugged into audiojack

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  3. What’s the output of:

    pacmd dump

    with the X3 unplugged and plugged in?


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The answer was as simple as installing the drivers through Wine, that’s it.
So exactly what I did was install the driver .exe from the official website then I proceeded to launch the .exe using Wine and just followed the wizard normally, it was that simple, at least for me.

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