Sound issue over HDMI 2.0

Hi guys,

I have an issue with my HTPC, which is connected to my home theater receiver over HDMI, wich is itself connected to a 4k TV.

Suddenly, the sound over HDMI stopped working, it worked fine before in 5.1 PCM mode (never managed to make passthrough work properly but i don’t care, PCM is fine).

I did many trys, including reinstalling manjaro completely, and came out with these elements :

  • If i stick with low definition and/or refresh rate (1080p@60Hz or 4k@30Hz) everything works fine;
  • If i try to go to 4k@60Hz, then the sound starts behaving strangely : 5.1 mode doesn’t work anymore at all, stereo mode “works” but the sound is extremely accelerated, producing some kinds of skweaks instead of real sounds.

=> Looks like as long a i stand within HDMI 1.4 bounds, sound works fine, but when i go to anything requiring an HDMI 2.0 connection, sound starts failing.

Any ideas would be appreciated…
Thanks !