Sound is not working on macbook pro

my alsa info

I install dualboot macos and manjaro but it have a problem with sound
i already try to use alsa and pulseaudio but it still not working

Hello and welcome,

This should clarify a bit the actual issue, so please read trough it carefully:

From the information provided you have Product Name: MacBookPro14,1
On that github page you will see:

MacBookPro14,1 partially working

That means you will have to use either sound via HDMI or some USB sound device.

Almost all Apple branded hardware is tweaked, optimized and reworked by Apple.

It is not possible nor feasible for any Linux to try to accommodate for these Apple tweaks.

I believe - and maybe it’s true - maybe it’s not - that Apple is selecting hardware - then tweaking to their purpose - in the hope that no one is deeming it a valuable cause to replicate.

In the end this means - Apple can have their hardware and no one is ever able to install any other operating system utilizing the Apple hardware - again this is my opinion from decades in the computer business - maybe it is so - maybe it is not.

In any case - I would discourage - as in - not recommending - installing Linux on Apple hardware - and maybe this is their goal - what do I know.

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Look: How to setup Manjaro Linux i3 on a Macbook Pro — lobo_tuerto's notes