Sound from the usb wireless headphones is redirected to the microphone

I have just install manjaro for first time. I try to use my usb headphones but them dont work.
They are recognized by the OS, but when i want to use it as Output, it doesnt let me.
However, I recorded an audio and when i listened it on another divice it was the output i want (it record the yt video i was warching). Looks like the output is redirect to the input channel. ÂżHow can i fixed it?

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  1. Please read this:
    How to provide good information
    and post some more information so we can see what’s really going on. Now we know the symptom of the disease, but we need some more probing to know where the origin lies…

  2. An inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width would be the minimum required information… (Personally Identifiable Information like serial numbers and MAC addresses will be filtered out by the above command)
    Also, please copy-paste that output in-between 3 backticks ``` at the beginning and end of the code/text.


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The problem is not with linux, is the headset controller. I used another headset and all works fine. I guess this headset is not compatible, also had some problems on windows. The solution is buying another one.

Ty for ur help ^^

Headset: LVL50 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox

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