Sound crashes in browser videos

I used chromium, but audio keeps on muting randomly after switching to different videos on YouTube or on “YouHorn”.
Then I installed google-chrom-beta and the sound keeps on crashing, although less often.

Sometimes audio reworks after leaving and reentering the session, sometimes the problem persists after rebooting the computer. Then I have to reboot until it works again.

I use audio over HDMI with a Nvidia Quadro.

Touching Alsamixer or Pulseaudio does not solve the problem.

Has someone similar problems? Thanks for any answer.

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

  • Does the Manjaro standard (=Firefox) work normally?


chromium is working normally for me

suggest you check the audio stream from chromium with

pacmd list-sink-inputs

check when it is working and also when it has malfunctioned to see if there are differences in the data

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I found the error, it was the Displayport-HDMI adapter causing hardware errors and stopping audio transmission.

Thanks anyway for your help.

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