Sound coming from only left speaker on headphones

Hey all!

My headphones are only playing from the left ear but both my laptops speakers are working. I tested by headphones on a mac and both sides worked. I am using pulseaudio.

Computer: Inspiron 3785
Audio Driver: Family 17h (Models 10h-1fh) HD Audio Controller

Help would be appreciated :smiley:


I had the same issue. I am sure there’s a more “elegant” solution, but I installed an audio manager that had a balance slider. Turned out the balance was all the way to the left as I suspected, but I couldn’t find a way to change it with the default apps.

If you are using Pulseaudio and you go to the settings of PulseAudio, you will find the section “Devices”. On the right side of your Sound Output should be the button “balance”. When you click on that one you will find a slider for left and a slider for right.

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Hey could you give me a audio manager?

I tried that in pavucontrol but it did not work

Go to Output Devices tab in pavucontrol and click the lock icon :lock: to unlock channels

I tried that but unfortunately it did not work

I used pavucontrol, but seems it didn’t work for you. I’ll let you know if I figure out something else.

If you click the padlock icon, can you see 2 audio level controls for left and right channel?

do you hear audio level change in headphones if you move one control for left or right channel ?

Do your headphones have a brand name or model number?