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I’m TL1 also and I was just able to post from Imgur. it’s just above your last message.

You posted a link, which showed an image preview, which is why your image is cut off. You didn’t do an embedded image, which for your image is:


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You’re right. I wasn’t able to do that.

I’m not a Web Site expert, but does an embedded image become cached on the Manjaro server somehow?

PLEASE do something about the naming. Name it what it means. So rename Basic to Trust level 1, so it’s clear for everyone from the start.


When you get the basic badge, it also links you to the “Understanding Discourse Trust Levels” page. You can see it when you go to your badges section. Does the same when you become “Member” or “Regular”.


Granted all essential community functions

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My point is that mods/Team members use the TL naming while the naming in the badges is Basic, member, regular (sure, you can dig deeper and get the TL level). If you stick to the TL naming in conversation, then also rename the badge to something like “Member (Trust level 2)”, otherwise you keep explaining. Anyway, just my 2 cents.


I’m blocked on ‘basic’ trust level - just tried posting a small conky image and it won’t go… can’t do that for another week it seems.

Seem you need to be team to post here :mask:

Not know what all the fuss about . More time you spend on forum and interact your level will go up :+1:

Just be happy forum back ( different but back )


Some TL3 already? How?

The Admins/Moderators bumped up some selected people to TL3. Which I find kinda unfair :confused:


Let them have their own way - any replies I feel need an image now I’ll just delete - banned for another week until TL2 is allowed it seems.

The discourse trust levels are indeed annoying. But it’s obviously a needed thing on the interwebz.

However, many of forum members (Like @realmain) were forum regulars on the old (and frankly much better) forums. It’s confirmable ffs.
If there is shenanigans of handing out TL3’s to a select few then it’s a total :dog: :poop: thing to do.

But I’ve come to expect no less.


They did that because threads needed to be moved to their proper locations, thread titles with typos or titles that were unclear/misleading needed to be corrected, posts needed to be reported, and TL3 functionality was needed by those who were actively helping out people but who couldn’t post screenshots for clarification, and so on.

TL3s are the backbone of the community ─ like assistant-moderators ─ but given that this was a new forum installation, there were no TL3s yet. So those members of whom it was known that they were TL3s on the old forum were bumped to TL3 status again, so that they would be able to help out to the best of their abilities.

Not to put myself on a pedestal here ─ far from it ─ but on the old forum, I had 194 solutions behind my name with only some 15 months worth of membership. There were people there who had been members for many years and who had even far more solutions behind their name ─ we’re talking up to 1’000 and beyond. These are the kinds of people that the community needs and depends on, and whom the team as such trusts and remembers ─ it’s called “trust level” for a reason ─ and it was a handicap for the community that these people were bound by the restrictions of their TL1 status after joining up again on the new forum.

The team’s idea was to eventually bump all of the TL3s from the old forum, but given that the team had to go by memory, only the ones that they remembered as having been TL3s ─ because we were the most active ones and we stood out ─ were bumped.

There were also TL3s on the old forum who were not quite as active anymore and who only maintained their TL3 status by regularly logging in. So they were not getting noticed and they were overlooked during the bumping. Likewise, there were TL3s on the old forum ─ from the latter group I’ve just described ─ who haven’t even bothered joining up again yet, and many of those aren’t even running Manjaro anymore.

There are still former TL3s being bumped as we speak, depending on whether the team remembers them and on whether these people are actively trying to help the newbies. But this will take time. The new forum has only been up for ten days.

In the end, don’t forget that running the forum is just one of the things the team does. They still have a distribution to maintain and develop, and the quality of the distribution takes priority.



@codesardine I was a TL3 member on the old forum when it got shut down. Can I have my TL3 status restored manually by an admin, please?


You could have pmed him directly, but I guess it’s nice that you share your need with the community. :wink:

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Don’t believe this is true. I’ve noticed a number of people who were TL3 and mentioned they were TL3 in the old forums, and mods didn’t do anything about it.

I even PM’ed a mod about me used to being TL3 in the old forum, and nothing was done. Was told that I need to wait until TL2 to post embedded images.

You got TL3 despite your recent post history. But with higher trust level comes higher responsibility for your remarks. That’s how I see it.

You’re definitely among those who deserve a fast track on trust levels, I can’t remember how many solutions you had on the old forum, but they were among the most. Such things happen if a system migration is done on a productive system. See it as a force majeure, please.

I general I’d like to ask for some solidarity with the team, because it isn’t easy to set up this complex forum software from scratch. Last time there was a development and a testing phase for learning and fine tuning. And only after that the forum was opened for regular users.


Thank you! Could you please explain what do you mean by “despite my recent post history”? Is there anything in there that is somehow irresponsible or undeserving of TL3?

I spoke my mind, I think one of the moderators, whom I normally had great respect for, was very rude, comparing once very respectable members of the community to rotten food to throw away when cleaning the fridge, and when asked whether he should stop being a moderator, I honestly replied that I think that would be for the best. I don’t think that was irresponsible of me in any way. :man_shrugging:


TL3 are being analysed, some were already given TL3, this takes time and is a process that is still being discussed, not everyone is getting TL3 because they were TL3 before.