Sorry, this hping binary was compiled without TCL scripting support

Hello friends. I’m from Brazil and I’m new to manjaro linux (Before I was using ubuntu) and I’m also a student of networks and servers. But, when migrating to manjaro, I came across a tremendous difficulty in installing hping to continue my studies. Installation via pacman is successful but when trying to hide hping, the text “Sorry, this hping binary was compiled without TCL scripting support” appears and I don’t know what to do to fix it

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It seems the Arch community hping package specifically disables TCL support and they have no plans to implement it: FS#46217 - [hping] TCL scripting support

I would suggest building it yourself, however the upstream URL is currently down.

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Hello, thank you for answering me but I don’t fully understand what I should do with this github code. Should I compile? If it’s to compile, how do I compile?

What GitHub code? :thinking: I couldn’t find an alternative source.

There’s nothing to compile if the source can’t be downloaded.

This one maybe ? Seems the same…

It appears to be. However, I’m not able to build it. Multiple patches would be required to adapt to current build tools and libraries.

@antdll77 I would use whatever supported version of Ubuntu has a working version of hping for school. Either dual boot with Manjaro or use Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

No ubuntu or hping works on 22.04 lts. I intend to look for more answers to try to solve this problem, but if I didn’t find it, I’ll probably have to use a virtual machine or return to ubuntu; Thanks to everyone who replied to me.

I know nothing about these tools, but given that hping seems to be a dead product (last update was 9 years ago), isn’t it better to try to use some of the alternatives?

It’s a good idea. do you have any suggestions

Unfortunately no. As I said, I know nothing about these tools. But maybe the link I provided can help, or maybe someone else can give better advice