Sometimes i can't unlock my screen

Sometimes it unlocks just fine. I put in my password, desktop shows up.

And sometimes for no reason, an “unlock” button comes up below my user picture, and 9 times out of 10 i can’t get in. Clicking the button does nothing, enter, escape, nothing.
I have to ctrl+alt+2 into a terminal session and reboot from there cause i can’t unlock my computer anymore.

Why is this happening? I don’t want to click the “unlock” button after i already put my password in - why is this even a thing? How do i remove it? I just want to put in my password and go into the desktop after sleep/lock, why does sometimes, seemingly at random the unlock button even appear?

Hello, veprovina

If I understand your problem correctly, then you can’t login. There are several options here: either you forgot your password, or your X’s have flown. So, let’s say your X’s have flown off … Then go to the following website Mangaro - Help and read the procedure for restoring X’s. And if you have a non-working ‘Unlock’ button, just reinstall the system. Hope this helps you.

I didn’t forget my password, the password is accepted - but the behaviour is inconsistent after. Sometimes i get into the desktop immediately, sometimes the unlock button appears and it lets me in when i click it, and sometimes the button stops working.

I can’t login because the unlock button only sometimes appears at all, and sometimes doesn’t work.
Sorry, but that’s not consistent enough for me to reinstall the entire system. There would have to be something extreme happening to do that.

Besides… It’s linux… Practically all of the system is open, can’t i just remove the unlock button prompt? Make it so it always lets me in when i put in my password?

I will look into what you said about X, thanks, but i’m not reinstalling my system because of this, especially because chances are, it’s some KDE bug or something and it’ll happen again.

What follows is pure speculation, because I don’t use KDE and don’t know much about it
but from what you say it seems that sometimes, the lock screen function gets in your way.

I have no idea why that would be the case
but one way to eliminate this being the source of the problem would be, in my thinking, to temporarily disable the lock screen functionality (which locks the display after some configurable timeout).


Well, if it starts acting up more, then yes, that’s what i’m gonna do. For now, 2 times out of a lot of lockscreens that the button appeared - it worked and let me in.
Not sure what causes it to appear in the first place, or not work when it does…

I have the exact same issue. It seems to happen when the PC has been locked for longer periods of time.

Intel i9-9900K
AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT

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Yes, it seems to happen when the PC is locked longer… Though, i don’t really see a pattern, sometimes it unlocks fine. Most of the times the “Unlock” button never even appears.

Anyway… Anyone know where i can report KDE bugs? I think this is a bug, there is no reason the “unlock” button should appear sometimes and sometimes not, the behaviour is inconsistent and so is the unlocking via that button.

Happened twice in the last day too - again. It’s getting annyoing, i’m afraid to leave my computer to lock itself.

I also have this problem. Never used to. No changes to my configuration. Typically, Ionly power off about once a quarter. Otherwise I lock the screen when Igoto bed and just power off the screens and audio. Done this pattern of behavior for a couple of years without a problem. Not any longer. I think that something has changed in the upgrades.

I’ve had the same problem multiple times this week except that my computer was only locked for a few minutes (10 at most). Another time it was locked all day. So in my case the length of the locking does not seem to affect the chances of it happening.

I recently switch to the wayland session manager. When I was on X11, I never encountered that problem but I don’t know if I was just lucky. I just don’t really see how it could be related but I’m no expert.

It does seem like a new bug in KDE or a related component. I am on Fedora and this issue appeared twice in the last week (never before). So perhaps a package that Manjaro already got an update for in January, but Fedora only in March/April?

After entering my password and pressing enter, the password input is replaced by an “Unlock” button that does nothing when clicked. This happens after the machine has been locked overnight (with screens turned off)