Sometimes applications does not write into Plasma Kickoff (Start Menu)

Like the typora here, usually it will have a T icon on the category “Office” but now it does not. The .desktop file does exist in /usr/share/applications.

Maybe it shows under another name? Like pamac shows as Add/Remove Software.

You can try to force a refresh two times. Once as normal user, and once more with sudo:

sudo update-desktop-database

No, I know what it should be like.

sudo update-desktop-database

Thanks, this works!

PS: do you know where does Manjaro puts the kickoff menu? file or folder.

Not sure what you’re referring to. Do you mean the settings/conf file for the Legacy Kickoff Launcher?

If you installed it through the “Add Widgets” method (which is done via your user account and not “admin/root”) then you are likely to find it under:


However, this has no bearing on updated menu entries, such as triggered by installing packages or manually editing a .desktop file.

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