Sometimes after suspend my password does not get accepted

After I wake my laptop up from suspend I cannot lock back in because my password is not getting accepted. I’ve checked the password multiple times and there are no typing errors. I honestly have no Idea how this could happen.

Something similar happens to me sometimes.

So there are two fields, username and password. Normally, at login, my username is automatically selected. I just have to type in my password into the password field and hit the Enter key to login.

But resuming from suspend, sometimes my username is not automatically selected, and when I just type in my password, I’m actually writing it into the username field, which of course leads to a failed login.

Because it’s a habit, I had to really pay attention to what I was doing to realize that I was typing the password into the wrong field. Might be your case?

Nope. I use gnome and my user is automatically selected coming from suspend.

This has something to do with the fingerprint sensor sending off failed logins and the account being locked. I disabled my fingerprint sensor.

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I have that, too, but every time after booting and when trying to log in. Whatever I press leads to what seems to be a reload or reinitialisation of that window.

I’m using XFCE and lightdm.

I think I “fixed” it. What I did was without typing anything I immediately selected my user (there’s only one) from the dropdown and clicked into the password field. Since then I can type the password directly right away and I don’t have that second-log-in-window-phenomenon any more. :+1:

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