Something weird with console?

While running command sudo pacman -Syuu something weird happened to my console, it increased spacing between symbols, and, removed icons from left side of input field.

may you open the terminal and post the output of

env | grep SHELL

Try rebooting, because maybe you had an update that changed some fonts or settings…


Alright, I’ll try it soon.

otherwise you can switch between the different shells.
you switch to bash by simply open the terminal and use


for the ordinary and most common shell and you can switch back by


i suspect that using bash is the most common way. manjaro has changed to zsh as standard what had been discussed in previous talks and let to imho reasonable critics.

It’s probably not the shell but the terminal emulator. Have you tried others?

You might be missing the fonts:
pamac install powerline-fonts ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-common ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-2048-em awesome-terminal-fonts

(Some might be redundant but that are the ones I’ve installed.)

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