Some System Apps shortcuts that come with the Minimal KDE Install

By system apps i mean only those with a shortcut on the apps menu, and these 2 in particular:

-Avahi Zeroconf browser
-Hardware Locality lstopo

From my research both seem like something important for the system but that runs in the background.
So why do they have a shortcut? More so in the case of Avahi which does not open anything.
Please explain, i am new to Manjaro.

I have found that there are quite a lot of applications in the “minimal install” which I don’t need or use and still have to remove. for example konversation, yakuake, and qt5-tools. there are a lot of shortcuts as well which I hide, like the ones you mentioned and other really technical apps which I can’t uninstall but also don’t want cluttering my menu.

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Yes, i removed also konversation and yakuake, but left qt5-tools as i think it i required by some apps to function.