Some steam games are not launching

Hello I am rather new to manjaro so I do not know my problem or what information you need to tell me what my problem is. So sorry for that.

Since a month or so I have troubles playing some proton games (Lego LOTR, Lego Hobbit, Walden, Among Us) while the native linux games and some other proton games (like Quake Champions, brawlhalla or, Borderlands games) are running as well as before.

The problem I have is that the games simply do not launch. The “preparing to launch…” window never disappears. I tried using the native runtime but I get the same problems.

If I start one of these games from the folder using wine prefix (so without steam) they are working fine. Well only those which do not use Steam for DRM purposes of course.

after launching the game (in this case among us) the terminal shows this:

[945360]Non-Steam Controller Configs Enabled: 1
CAPIJobRequestUserStats - Server response failed 2
Opted-in Controller Mask for AppId 945360: 0
GameAction [AppID 945360, ActionID 1] : LaunchApp changed task to ProcessingInstallScript with ""
_v2-entry-point[36414]: STEAM_COMPAT_APP_ID=945360
_v2-entry-point[36414]: STEAM_COMPAT_SESSION_ID=f6eca746e11a6f18
_v2-entry-point[36414]: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000
_v2-entry-point[36415]: STEAM_COMPAT_APP_ID=945360
_v2-entry-point[36415]: STEAM_COMPAT_SESSION_ID=f6eca746e11a6f18
_v2-entry-point[36415]: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000
fsync: up and running.
_v2-entry-point[36979]: STEAM_COMPAT_APP_ID=945360
_v2-entry-point[36979]: STEAM_COMPAT_SESSION_ID=f6eca746e11a6f18
_v2-entry-point[36979]: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000
_v2-entry-point[36994]: STEAM_COMPAT_APP_ID=945360
_v2-entry-point[36994]: STEAM_COMPAT_SESSION_ID=f6eca746e11a6f18
_v2-entry-point[36994]: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000
MANGOHUD: Failed to open 64bit cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Does anyone know what my problem is?

btw: My system and steam is up to date and I am running kernel 5.10. This happens with every proton version I tested (3.16, 4.11, 5.0, 5.13 and experimental).

I would guess a missing library/bug.

Since you mentioned that the problem is approx. a month old, I would guess, that it may broke with an update, where some nvidia users had problems…

I would do the following thing:

  1. I would check your nvidia-YYYxx-utils version and if YYY matches the Version of the packages libxnvctrl…
  2. If not: upgrade the nvidia to the correct version. (This may result in changing some drivers (linux-XXX) and breakages. You may also wanna check: Cannot boot after update, previous kernels do not load)

(But this is just guess.)

Thanks for the fast reply.

This may be a stupid question but since I am using an AMD graphics card (RX 590) I was wondering if I would need these libraries anyway.

But yes I found these two packages are both of version 455.

Do the games launch without using MangoHud?

Since you have an AMD GPU, you don’t need libxnvctrl, anyway. It’s only an optional dependency for MangoHud. What requires it?

pacman -Qi libxnvctrl | grep "Required By"

Oh yes they are launching without mangohud.
I totally forgot that I enabled it globally.

And yes nothing requires libxnvctrl.

Thank you very much for the help so far!

But in the case I would want to use MangoHud with these titles, what is the issue there?
I have it installed, so is it located wrong or why is MangoHud not able to open it?

Dunno, maybe see here:

MangoHUD doesn’t work with Proton 5.13 and forward

Valve changed something that makes vulkan layers not work. It’s the same reason why I can’t use vkBasalt (Reshade for Linux) with Proton 5.13.

Here is the issue of Proton in GitHub.

(meant to reply to this weeks ago, but totally forgot to)

Thanks for the reply anyway :smiley:

I recongized just now that something went wrong with a mangohud update. It seems to be still on version 0.4.1-1.
I guess thats a big part of my problem… I feel kind of stupid for not checking on that earlier :sweat: