Some programs won't open

Some programs stopped opening. Or rather, they launch, but there is no window itself, although there are icons from them on the desktop.

For clarity, I attach a video

what did you prior to this issue? updating/ uninstalling/ installing/ modifying something?
create a new test user, reboot, log in with it, and see if it still happens…

Looks like a similar issue to this: Joplin is invisible on GNOME on first start after system reboot · Issue #8256 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Affected are electron apps which has GPU Acceleration enabled, and run under Wayland with Gnome. Does it apply to you?

Try to start it like:

code --no-sandbox --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform,WaylandWindowDecorations --ozone-platform-hint=wayland

On swaywm which is also Wayland, I have zero problems.

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this happened after the next major update, but now I don’t remember after which one because I didn’t get around to writing about this problem

Running with the parameters helped, code ran correctly. Please, can you tell me how to set these parameters by default and how to launch a flatpak application with these parameters by default using the example of the same discord

code from manjaro reads actually the file ~/.config/code-flags.conf. See cat /usr/bin/code

There you can the parameters like:


On other applications you would need to write a script like the one for code and place it maybe in ~/.local/bin plus adding this path to the search path or copy the desktop files /usr/share/applications/ to your home folder ~/.local/share/applications/ and add the parameters there.

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