Some packages from aur are not updated

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these packages are not updated, they take a long time to assemble, and nothing else
I do not know what they are for, but every time a notification pops up that there are updates

Then you probably don’t need them, unless they are dependencies of other packages you’ve installed from the AUR.

That said, there are other reports about packages depending on Electron here at the forum, so best do a search. :wink:

Any Electron version older than 28 is EOL (End Of Life), is insecure and should not be used if possible. Nothing in the repos depends 22 or 25. However, 23 and 27 are still in the repos for now until the packages depending on them are able to be updated depending on newer versions.

As @Aragorn mentioned, it’s possible AUR packages still depend on older versions. Review them and decided whether you want to keep them. If that’s the case, install the binary version; i.e., electron25-bin instead–unless you want to spend at least a few hours compiling Electron from source.

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For some unknown reason, electron23 is still in the repos however.

Good point. Well, apparently the Arch PM is cozy enough with keeping it around. :wink:

I’ve edited my reply above to address older versions still in the repos.

I think you are right and it is a dependency
. I have few programs installed by me, from aur only yandex browser, I do not think that electron is its dependency, all other programs I have only from the official repository

pacman -Qd yandex-browser

Or to look at electron22 itself

pactree -r electron22


pacman -Qi electron22 | grep 'Required By'