Some packages are missing in the testing branch

I noticed that the some packages e.g screenfetch, twolame, gnome-icon-theme and more are missing in the testing branch. But they exist in stable and unstable branch, not testing branch.

Search: “screenfetch” :


For reference, branch compare can be given the string to search via query parameter like this:

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Not sure about other packages but looks like gnome-icon-theme is being replaced by adwaita-icon-theme and that’s why it’s removed from arch stable, manjaro unstable and manjaro testing.

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There is something off with testing branch right now. @oberon is looking into it, as on my end i always get
community.db failed to download regardless what mirrors i use.

Edit: Now i get no error with db, but packages like
gnome-icon-theme got dropped to AUR, as pointed out by @ishaanbhimwal - and that also made gnome-icon-theme-symbolic to be demoted to AUR.
nerd-fonts-noto-sans-mono is present in stable and unstable but missing from testing and it gets installed from AUR …


Preparation for the next stable snap … several Arch package has been demoted to AUR.

ah, i’d been wondering. i thought it was just coincidence, though, as i got a 404 from one mirror and a 403 from a different one.

It’s resolved now. Once all the mirrors catch up, things will be back to normal.

Not this time.

That is true for packages like these:


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