Some links dont work, some formatting issues and other problems in the wiki

Error 404 (Not Found):

Links that point to old, unsupported OSDN mirrors:

Formatting issues:

Other problems:

$ gpg --keyserver --search-keys Manjaro Build Server
# Is this official , or some phishing attempt
# or something else named "Manjaro" ??
(2)     Manjaro CN Build Server <>
          263 bit EDDSA key 974B3711CFB9BF2D, created: 2021-04-06

I think providing the exact key IDs and descriptions would be helpful.


Pinging @oguzkagan who deleted the page (and I can’t edit the kernels page)

This points to the archived forum, I’ve changed the link to the archived forum so it points to somewhere. This is a temporary solution

Link changed :slight_smile:

You should make a account and help out on the wiki :+1:


This is more difficult to change the downloads page links to a ISO on CDN77, there is a sha1 checksum, the full details are posted in stable upgrade threads

One way to solve this is make the page generic and point to Manjaro - Downloads

I’ve made a Wiki account and an edit in the Downloads page.
I don’t know the language you use in the wiki (PHP ?), and I can’t edit it properly. :cry:
I know only C/C++ , Qt , Bash and Python.

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The checksums are still in the same folder (just that it is not on SourceForge, but on CDN77), with an extension added:{,.sha256,.sha1,.torrent,.pkgs}

I removed the link, I don’t know what it is. Is there problem for kernel page editing? Let me know.

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It is just that linking to a folder results in a 404 error, at least on my end:

Referring to a file where the link changes & is not listed on the downloads page seems wrong.

Could the downloads page be adapted with the release info ?

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Can be changed to:

To make the check, you must first download the appropriate checksum file by adding the required hash name as an extension your chosen ISO image link.
eg. If the ISO download link is , then , the SHA256 download link will be


That should do for now :+1:
Would be nice if sha256 would be on the downloads page

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all pages currently have it.

That is the SHA1 , which is an insecure algorithm, and is known to be broken .

SHA256 is unbroken as of now (Fri 12 Nov 2021 04:23 PM UTC) .

Using SHA1 or SHA256 to verify if a file is complete has nothing to do with security and claiming it is insecure for that purpose if FUD - so please take a break.

If you want to be sure - use the provided signature to verify - as this also will verify if the ISO is unaltered.