Some keys repeat and some are typed out of order

Hi everyone!
So, basically when I type with my laptops keyboard, some keys are repeated, some are typed out of order and/or some aren’t typed. Also, the “typing” get really slow when that happens (i have to wait for a bit before the text appears sometimes). I thought it could be a problem related with workload, so I have been checking and neither the CPU or the RAM were overloaded when it happened.

  • a → aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (until i press backspace)
  • abcd → adcb (random order)
  • abcd → adc
  • typed out → typotu

Also, I am sure this problem is related to linux (maybe manjaro?). Some backstory:

  • A few months ago, I had been using manjaro dual booted with windows when I started to have this problem. I decided to uninstall manjaro and start to use Windows as my main OS again.
  • During these months of only using windows, I did not encounter this problem once.
  • However, since i hate windows, i decided to install manjaro again (a few days ago) and the problem remains.

I hope someone can help me find the solution to this problem, since I love using manjaro and would consider using it as my main OS if i were to fix this :blush: