Some issues on new install

Recently installed manjaro on this machine, encountering a few issues.

First issue I noticed, when adding wifi networks, I need to change the password saving from per-user encrypted to all-users unencrypted, otherwise it errors with “no secrets provided”. Google wasn’t too helpful but I assume its some weird bug with kde wallet not talking to networkmanager, somehow…

Second issue, using the flatpak version of steam, launching it and closing it will cause extreme UI lag spikes for around a minute, I can’t really find anything in top or nvidia-smi indicating why its doing that. Only thing I can think of is out of date drivers, but everything’s up to date, as far as I can tell. Otherwise, graphics performance is normal.

System specs:
Lenovo Thinkpad P52
Intel i7-8850H
NVIDIA Quadro P3200
Nvidia Driver Version: 535.104.05

The first one is normal if you want to be autologged into your internet on login or reboot. The second one I would suggest not using Flatpak for something like Steam. try sudo pacman -S steam

No that is not normal, whichever thing stores wifi secrets in a encrypted form is not talking to networkmanager. more than a little annoying for a fresh install for something like that to not work out of the box…

package steam doesn’t have that issue, odd. I’ve had no issues with flatpak steam in the past

I just added a WiFi cartd to my system and it is the only way it worked on 3 different Arch based distros with the Plasma desktop in all of them.