Some Icons changing Automatically after Reboot

I have applied the Sweet theme on my Manjaro KDE Plasma. Some of the icons were not matching, so, I manually change them. The icons I changed manually are fine. But, icons of Intelllij Idea, PyCharm, and Jetbrain Toolbox (I also changed their icons manually) are reverting back to their original icon after reboot or even logging again after logout.

This is making my screen weird (three alien type icons among all unique candy icons :sweat_smile:). Is there any way to fix it?

I do not know whether this will actually fix it, but what you could try is the following…

Log out of Plasma, and when you see the login screen reappear, press Ctrl+Alt+F2. This will take you to a character-mode login console, also often referred to here at the forum as a tty. Log in there with your normal credentials and then issue the following command…

rm -f ~/.cache/*.kcache

Then press Ctrl+D to log out of the tty and return to the SDDM login screen with Alt+F1.

How to ?

  • new icon in theme directory
  • edit icon : /usr/share/pixmaps/pycharm.png
  • duplicate and change $HOME .desktop ?

it’s possible with this apps ???

I found the solution in the post whose link you have provided. Thanks

Thanks for the solution, but the problem was related to the apps downloaded through Jetbrain toolbox. So, the another answer fixed the issue as it was not related to the KDE plasma theme or icon.

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