Some GTK-Applications crash, using arc-maia-gtk-theme


Hello community,

I am not quite sure, if this is the right topic for my problem.

On my Manjaro Linux with GNOME Desktop, I use the Arc-Theme in maia style (package: arc-themes-maia).

When using this theme for applications, I cant open some applications anymore. In my example the gnome-extensions-app. When I try to open this GTK-Application via Terminal, I get this error (sorry for the german-locale:

(gnome-extensions-app:58180): Gdk-ERROR **: 01:27:51.006: Resource path /org/gnome/arc-theme/assets/switch-active-header-dark.png s not a valid image: Format der Bilddatei unbekannt
/usr/bin/gnome-extensions-app: Zeile 2: 58180 Trace/Breakpoint ausgelöst   (Speicherabzug geschrieben) /usr/bin/gjs /usr/share/gnome-shell/org.gnome.Extensions "$@"

The same error occurs, when I use the “normal” Arc-theme. I compiled the newest version from AUR (arc-gtk-theme-git). With this version the “normal” Arc-theme works flawlessly.

Maybe the both versions arc-gtk-theme and arc-maia-theme need an update in the community repo?
I also found a bug-report in the Arch-Linux Bugtracker (arc-gtk-theme), but I am not allowed to post the link here.

Any thoughst on this?

Thanks in advance!

It’s a known issue. We’re working on an update as well.

FS#73232 - [arc-gtk-theme] Several GTK4 do not start anymore with GTK 4.6


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