Some graphic problem with Firefox

I don’t know how to call it.
Sample [top right corner]:

There should be an icon or something and not Hv and 3 arrows.

It’s on some random pages. I’m not sure when this problem occurred for the firs time.

I tested some and my result is that may be caused by font blocking in adblock (uBlock Origin in my case).

I use ublock too.

Even if I disable completely it for ddg there is no difference

So see if you have checked this option, it also may cause this (Advanced in fonts settings):

This is quite funny too because just yesterday I’ve disabled this option.
I wanted to change my font size in firefox but no matter what I do, the font is still the same, so I’ll just turn this option on again.

Your solution is completely opposite in my case but it helped me to “repair” the browser :slight_smile:

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