Some emojis (e.g. flags) are not displaying in electron apps

Hello everybody,

I just noticed that in most (if not every) electron application I have (VS Code, Discord, KeeWeb, etc.) some emojis (particularly the country flags one) are not displaying.

They are displayed as letters inside a square (e.g. |U||S|, |F||R|, etc… considering it’s 4 side square).

The thing that’s weird is that the flag of England is displaying correctly (I don’t find any other case).

I’m using i3, and it’s also displaying the flags correctly for example in i3 bar.

I already have noto-fonts-emoji installed. But I discovered that there was a package named noto-fonts-emoji-flags. I was pretty sure that installing it would solve the problem.

But nope. (Rebooted several times).

Something I suspect is that since I’m using i3 the only (at least GUI) access I have to change system fonts is using the morc menu (mod+z) and choosing Settings>Font Selection.

Here I have 5 choice for fonts (Default font, Desktop font, Document font, Monospace font, Window title font). There was on Cantarell (Source Code Pro Regular for Monospace font).

I changed everything with Noto Sans Regular and even Noto Color Emoji Regular. But nothing changed in the system.

Also since the flags are displaying in i3 bar, I saw that there is a font property in i3config that is set to URW Gothic Book. So I also tried that font in the Font Selection menu. But nothing changed (except that setting the Monospace font actually changed the font in my terminal which seems to be gnome-terminal). So since I know that changing the font is working for the terminal, I tried Noto Sans, URW Gothic Book and even Noto Color Emoji. They all applied since the font changed in the terminal, but the flag (except for england) are still not displaying.

So now I’m simply suspecting that since I’m unable to change the system font, they are just not related to the fact that emojis are displayed or not. But I’m not sure…

I saw many many question about emoji, and I wonder why something so easy (in appearance I mean) is wrong and/or complicated for so many people?

Does anyone know how I can fix once and for all that emoji problem?

Thank you very much…

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