Some beginner questions about Cronie


I noticed that now in Manjaro I need to use Cronie to schedule my tasks, as for backups, for example.

But, I am a little lost here. I need only to have daily tasks, which will run every days at specified times.

I was not able to edit my crontab with the command crontab -e. Well, where do I need to specify the daily jobs, please?

Any help and/or links to manual pages, etc, would be greatly appreciated!

Use systemd timers.

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Agree with using sd-timers.

That said, @Ewsg if you still want to use cron/deriviates, read the wiki article.

Hi @mithrial and @merlock ,

Great, thank you so much. I’ll take a look.

But I was reading some posts regarding systemd timers, and think I’ll stick with them. :slight_smile:

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