Some basic puzzles for new user

New installation, have come from Linux Mint. I have the Gnome version installed.
I’m just trying to get the very basics under control so that I can navigate around and figure out how to use Manjaro. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t figure these out:

  • How to deactivate grouping of open programs across the bottom of the screen. The solution I found online says right click Panel–> Preferences, but when I right click the bottom screen panel there is no Preferences option. There is nothing in Extensions either----> [link to article prohibited]
  • How to add a panel/taskbar to the top of the screen to create shortcuts. Manjaro only allows you to move the one panel around, not create a second one. I’ve been in Gnome Layouts Manager but none shows with two taskbars.
  • Usually you right click the desktop and “Create Panel Launcher” to create a new shortcut. There appears to be no way to do this in Manjaro.

Can anyone help with any of these? Once I get started I can figure out the rest, its just very difficult to get around right now thanks

Desktop shortcuts got removed from Gnome shell long time ago.

I don’t think there is a layout for that

So reinstall Cinnamon version of Manjaro?
Here I go again sigh
And all I wanted originally was to update my Linux Mint. I’m on 4 days now and my third OS install. Updates… ughhhhhh

You might not like what I’m about to say, but it seems to me that you’ve chosen the wrong Manjaro version in Gnome.

Instead of “dodge” all those issues inherent to the way Gnome works, you would be better off choosing another version more in line with what you are used to already, like XFCE, KDE, or Cinnamon. Just my 2 cents.

All customization is done using different extensions to the Gnome shell.

But because of very frequent incompatibilities created by upstream changes you should be very careful with extensions - broken extensions is a pain.

I know the Manjaro-Team working with Gnome is doing a tremendous job - even though - I recommend caution with extensions.

Well Cinnamon and Gnome are completely different.

Cinnamon started life as a fork of Gnome 2 and is a completely different beast.

The Gnome experience on manjaro is set up different then mint it seems, and if you want you can try to make it more like mint. Why have a look at the youtube video’s on the download page so you van see what you are getting into and do some research before committing. (and saving alot of time in the process )

I see how I made my mistake.
When you go to the Manjaro download page, it only gives you 4 options (I’m not permitted to post a link):

Get XFCE 20.2.1
Get KDE Plasma 20.2.1
Get GNOME 20.2.1
Get Architect 20.0.3

Of course I chose “GNOME” because I knew Linux Mint used it.
You have to actually go to the top menu and choose “Non-Official” under “Community” to see Cinnamon.

Is this just as good as an ‘official’ version?
I’m not requiring it be like Linux Mint per se. I just want to be able to do the things I did under that OS. It looks like using the Gnome version, a second top panel/taskbar with program shortcuts, ungrouping icons of active programs on the bottom and creating shortcuts on the fly is not possible.
If it is, I haven’t been able to figure it out.
The only thing I really need an OS for is to organize and launch programs, so its pretty much non negotiable lol. I’ll see if I can download and try the other version. Hate to start over again

It should be good. I would like to think that since cinnamon has two maintainers and gnome has 4, gnome might be more polished, but coming from Mint, you are not likely to be disappointed by the cinnamon edition.

Is the XFCE version then, more similar to Linux Mint?

Do you have the ability to run a virtual machine? if so it is easy to do a dry run for your use case. The download page has a link how to set this up. Manjaro - First Steps

In what way would want it to be more similar this could be a long anwser…

Doing (safely) is a better teacher then listening I’ve found, so try the virtual machine option if you can.

Relatively speaking, yes. It is more lighter and more stable than cinnamon, but has less features. I suggest trying Cinnamon edition first.

Try KDE! It’s the most feature-ful, customizable, and Windows-like DE (the best by far, IMO). Xfce is a little too janky, for me (very few features, ugly, and buggy – although Manjaro does a really good job with it out of the box). :confounded:

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Linux Mint has a Mate and a XFCE editions, but their main desktop is Cinnamon, that they created.

If you want the closest feel to the main Linux Mint, try Manjaro Cinnamon.

If you like Linux Mint that much - why bother with Manjaro?

I mean - you will never get the same - no matter how hard you try - it will still be based on Ubuntu.

If it is the rolling release then Mint have had LMDE for years.

I came from mint 8 month ago, was on mint for 4 years. Can’t recommend the manjaro-cinnamon edition enough if you like mint. Been super stable and any issues I’ve had have been user created mainly getting used to the new package management. Definitely worth switching from mint if you want to expand your linux knowledge

At the top of the Download page under Editions, there’s Official which you found as well as Community, ARM and Development.

Mint uses Cinnamon on their main edition, not GNOME. You’ll find our Cinnamon edition on our Community download page.


If you like Linux Mint that much - why bother with Manjaro? >>>

I don’t LOL. My goal was not to make Manjaro look like Linux Mint, I just was looking for a top taskbar panel that I could add shortcut icons to, like I used to use in that OS.
Other people started saying that Cinnamon had that feature, so I have since reinstalled with Manjaro Cinnamon, and was able to get the top panel.
I also got shortcuts by adding a “Grouped Window List” applet.
But I still can’t add new shortcuts to the top panel by dragging and dropping from the desktop, or any other way I can find. Adding from the menu always puts them in the bottom taskbar.
What am I missing
? ?? ?

I just need to be able to launch programs I can find my way from there.
As for why I switched, one of the reasons was a bug where the selfsame panel shortcuts across the top would all vanish every couple of months, and I’d have to add them all back in. I had a lot of troubles upgrading and just decided to try a new OS

press the win-key - start typing

Gnome still don’t have this.

Maybe you are mistaking Cinnamon for Gnome or reverse?

Cinnamon contains the ability to have two or more panels - but still requires some setup.

Community edition downloads is located at

I have since reinstalled and have Manjaro Cinnamon