Some applications text and icons are miniscule

This happened around July, VMware workstation icons and text are microscopic. See attached screenshot Dolphin file manager is normal but Protonvpn and Manjaro Hello are miniscule. Any ideas welcome.

Dolphin and Hello look fine to me; even your VPN app seems consistent; apart from the button and ip address.

It looks like a scaling issue to me.

Check your settings.

Hi @rosslm888,

I think that’s because some of them are GTK while some of them are Qt. If you’re using Plasma, the OK ones should be Qt. So double-check your GTK settings.

The minimize maximize buttons on protonvpn and hello are 1/3 the size of dolphin buttons, I have tried scailng but this effects all apps so this is not a solution. As mentioned before mid year this was not the case. I even held the updates for a few months by rolling back to an earlier image to retain normal size text and buttons.

GTK apps vs QT ones.

Yes, I see that now that I viewed the image fullscreen.

Are you using Wayland or X11? The reason I ask is that each have different scaling options, which might be worth experimenting with. I’m not using any GTK based apps, or, at least none that come to mind, so I’m unable to form a comparison.

OK, I have installed xsettingsd

using pamac install xsettingsd

then run


Sorted, now the graphics are normal, even vmware workstation is good.

I’m glad it worked out. Xsettingsd. I’ll add that to my list also. :slight_smile:
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Gee, what an easy fix, wish they were all that easy.

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xsettingsd should be automatically started on KDE so long as kde-gtk-config is installed.
(as it is now the preferred/default way of applying configs to GTK apps on plasma)

That is a mystery kde-gtk-config was already installed I did check that before.

It wasnt always like this … but it has been for ~1 year.

Thanks for the info :+1:

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